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Project Description
Wallpaper Rotator allows to dynamically change the desktop background. While this is a native feature in Windows 7, XP users need to rely on third-party applications like this to periodically change the wallpaper.

Developed in C#, based on Arbel Kfir's Wallpaper Changer 1.1, available on

I'm using Windows 7 on my desktop and my girlfriend's notebook. The rotating desktop background is nice to take out the monotony of keeping always the same image. But my netbook, currently the machine that i use most, runs Windows XP, and I have no plans to upgrade it to Windows 7 soon. I wanted to have the same feature, but it's not available out of the box in XP, so, i digged on the internet and found the Wallpaper Changer project on CodeProject. While it served to my basic purposes, it lacks some functionalities i wanted, and I also disliked it's interface. Using their source as a base, I started developing this tool, first revamping the interface, then fixing some bugs and finally adding new features.

  • Developed in C#, under the .NET Framework 3.5
  • Trying to keep the source clean and easy to read
  • Uses XML files to manage application settings

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